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DEI - diversity, equality, inclusion

One of those abbreviations that is more associated with larger corporations, but definitely is of concern to [0.3] stakeholders, mainly [2.992] and clients. "Diversity, equality, and inclusion" are expected social norms in many countries (see Woke Marketing), norms that involve human resources and marketing in any [0.3] that offers a workplace.


Table minus3 – DEI - diversity, equality, inclusion affecting [0.3] marketing and human resources



Marketing concerns (examples)

Motto: Actions speak louder than words

Human resources (HR) concerns

Motto: Different beautiful flowers make a wonderful bouquet

DEI, general

To use DEI common vocabulary to avoid misunderstandings among [2.992], "sales[2.03]" and [3.01/3.02] clients.

("sales[2.03]" only if 2.03 was activated)

To consider adding DEI values to the existing [1.21/1.22] values.

To align [1.21/1.22] declarations and promises with DEI delivery. Referring also to[11.81/11.82] social responsibility.

To prepare an in-house HR DEI program (plan, execute and control it) by treating candidates, [2.992] and former [2.992] as theinternal clients (potential, actual and loyal).

To prove transparency and involve [2.992].

To involve DEI in the so-called "[1.21/1.22] culture".


To accommodate 'diversity' among [3.01/3.02] "sales[2.03] and" clients in order to better cater to their needs while improving communication with them.

("sales[2.03] and" only if 2.03 was activated)

> Diversified teams tend to be more creative!

The presence of heterogeneous population among the [2.992] of a [1.21/1.22] while supporting underrepresented ones.


To support 'equity' by avoiding examples such as the controversial "pink tax" when women are paying more than men for the same offer (such as razors).

> Clients tend to favor any [1.21/1.22] that demonstrates equity (see Triple Bottom Line).

An approach that ensures that candidates and [2.992] have access to the same job opportunities and career plans.


To demonstrate 'inclusion' when communicating with [3.01/3.02] clients bymaking an effort to break stereotypes.

> Clients tend to share content and better identify themselves with such brands (seeTriple Bottom Line).

Means "the action of including or of being included within a group": the candidates and [2.992] to feel the sense of welcome. The [2.992] to witness belonging and value in their team as well as in the workplace, overall.


Individual characteristics upon which differential treatment should not be based (non-discrimination grounds):

Gender, sexual orientation, disability, age, religion or belief, racial or ethnic origin

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