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Marketing Plan Knowledge Share Services

Marketing plan knowledge share services:
"Learn what you need, Share what you know"

Our knowledge management (KM) standards imply that when we find enriching 
articles, relevant videos, coherent presentations or a useful new term in our marketing plan glossary it will be available at Marketing Plan NOW in keeping our terms of use. In addition, we urge you to share and publish your know-how as well.

We will revise the proposed content (up to 3Mb), whether you would like to share an article, a video, a related link or
any other marketing
tool. Sharing a marketing plan and publish it is also offered.

If the proposed marketing plan knowledge is being added to this website, you will be quoted as its source upon your approval by e-mail. For copyright issues, please read our
terms of use.

marketing Plan NOW services If you are kindly willing to contribute a knowledge item that can upgrade the understanding of marketing plan tools (article, video, presentation, link, etc.), please send it to us with its source so that we can adhere to copyright issues. Our editor will revise it and in most cases the know-how you might send us will appear in this site thanks to you - Thank you!

 Marketing plan knowledge share is a marketing service offered by

   For further information or for sharing a knowledge
item (up to 3 Mb), please
contact us



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