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New venture

Marketing plan adapted to a new venture

A marketing plan for a new venture is not the same as a plan for an existing business as it begins with distinguishing
business planning through the vision, strategy, tactics and standards, as well as from a business plan including several sub-plans such as a financial plan, a marketing plan, and other plans when relevant: human resources, logistics, legal, and others.

Consequently, marketing planning of a new venture, often called strategic planning, is only a part of any new venture marketing plan.

When starting a small business and in any business start-up, entrepreneurs have to rely more on subjective assumptions and qualitative marketing research by interviewing potential customers, relevant business partners and other stakeholders.

The following information can be collected to some extent and analyzed effectively by using "realistic" assumptions - all in order to lower the level of uncertainty when launching a new venture and perhaps increasing the self confidence of the entrepreneur:
 - current macro environment: influential business trends as well as innovative trends.
 - introduction of the prime market in questions and possibly a secondary market.
 - basic competitive trends - NOT your upcoming competition!
 - basic consumer behavior trends - NOT your upcoming segmentation!
 - opportunities and threats that do not depend on your venture - only a partial SWOT.

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 Can ready-made marketing plan samples assist you?

 If you want to make sure you distinguish business planning from a business plan, we have prepared for you a brief
    introduction about 
managing a business

Marketing plan
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