Marketing plan training services
train your team about marketing Plan NOW Our professional, international marketing lecturers offer face-to-face corporate or academic-level training, particularly in Europe and Asia. The training topics are often related to marketing plans. International marketing training and effective learning in various business cultures is one of our main expertises.
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  Marketing plan audit services
audit your marketing Plan NOW  Based on our extensive experience with hundreds of marketing plans since 1997, we provide an audit service that will enable you to upgrade your marketing plan whether it’s for a business or a non-profit organization. This can include the overall structure of the plan, methodologies to be used and content to be searched or to be considered.
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  Marketing plan consultancy services
 eConsult your marketing Plan NOW In small and medium businesses (SMB, SME), as well as in non-profit organizations, a Marketing Plan is often used when requested by a bank in order to obtain a possible loan or credit line, by a potential stakeholder such as a partner or an investor, and even more often by YOU: the person in charge of business development - owner, manager, entrepreneur.
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