Marketing plan adapted to an existing non-profit

A social marketing plan for an existing non-profit includes several specifications that do not apply to a new non-profit.
In an existing non-profit we make use of its recent history of the past 6-12 months in order to better analyze the current situation as a base in order to formulate the marketing strategy and objectives for the upcoming year.

For an existing non-profit we can collect valuable information: The non-profit organizations representing our actual
competition, the targeted audiences that seem most relevant to our social vision (end users in need of the provided
services, volunteers, donors and the organization’s paid management and employees) and the relative importance we have allocated to the elements that make up the marketing-mix. Furthermore, we can generate crucial know-how by conducting
a full SWOT analysis and initiating the creation of a perceptual maps in order to make wise decisions based on positioning.

For an existing non-profit we take advantage of such a recent history in order to better translate this data into well established social marketing plan strategy and objectives for the upcoming year. In a new non-profit with no marketing
background of its own, the analysis that serves as a benchmark is more limited and is gathered in different ways.

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