Marketing plan training services

The main marketing training topics that our international marketing lecturers provide face-to-face, or as it’s also called;
Class Learning (C-Learning), are as follows:

marketing Plan NOW services Marketing Plan, how to do it yourself next time?

Social Marketing Plan for Non-profit, how to do it yourself next time?                                          

- Marketing Action Plan & Creativity, as most of us are not creative enough we might be interested to be able and
  revive our sense of "Cre8iVT"...

- Marketing Plan & Marketing Communication, where a behavioral science turns into an exact science in your service.

- Marketing Plan & Consumer Behavior: Being a Pro Marketer is having a feel for clients, a psychological marketing

- Service Marketing Management, as a stand-alone marketing expertise, adapted to small and medium businesses
  (SMB, SME) operating in the service industries.

- Advanced Marketing Training Topics
  Content is subject to the client’s priorities in order to increase training effectiveness.

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A less-than-9-minute demonstration of the training approach of Danny Abramovich, founder of Marketing Plan NOW

Our marketing training courses are delivered by our
international marketing lecturers

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