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Analysis of the current situation

This is the opening chapter of a marketing plan that serves as a start-point before setting the
marketing plan strategy and objectives for the upcoming year. By conducting a marketing situation analysis, including the following issues during the past year, we are able to take better marketing-oriented decisions next year.

For the equivalent videos of the above issues, please see video series number 1

For the equivalent presentations of the above issues, please see PPT series number 1

Analysing the current situation - start here!

business trends analysis
1.1 business trends

market analysis
1.2 market analysis

competitive analysis
1.3 competitive analysis

market segmentation
1.4 market segmentation

1.5 marketing-mix

 swot analysis
1.6 swot analysis

 positioning - analyzing perceptions
1.7 positioning

 sources of information
1.8 sources of info