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Our video series record more than 222,000 views on Youtube!

Our Presentation (PPT) series record more than 252,000 downloads on Slideshare!

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We believe that every company and non-profit should have easy access to marketing plan know-how - to be able to manage its marketing
plan independently and efficiently, with the right tools.

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Publish your ready-made
marketing plan & get 50%

50% commission is yours every time your audited plan is acquired. Marketing plans
of small and medium enterprises, or social marketing plans for non-profit organizations
are accepted.
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Why publish a marketing plan?

Learn how to improve your
own marketing plan
You learn how to improve or create your own
marketing plan by consulting a one-page plan, or alternatively, you can learn by reviewing our detailed step-by-step instruction supported by our marketing plan tools.
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Why learn how to write a marketing plan?

Acquire a marketing plan or
audit your existing plan

You can download ready-made marketing plans selected from a variety of markets, most of which are free.
You can also get a full audit, potentially for free, by our marketing plan specialists
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Why acquire a marketing plan?

004 - Marketing plan standardized template by Marketing Plan NOW 004 - Marketing plan standardized template by Marketing Plan NOW
How to write a marketing research questionnaire as part of your marketing plan 002 - How to write a marketing research questionnaire as part of your marketing plan
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