What is it that we do?

marketingPlanNOW is a pre-seed Israeli-French online venture that allows existing micro, small, and medium businesses (SMBs, SMEs) to improve their business performance by being on top of their marketing. 

What is the logic behind what we do?

Danny Abramovich, an experienced marketing consultant and international lecturer, has developed a marketing planner methodology, which was already challenged by over 400 SME consultancy clients and 5,000 students from leading business schools in 11 countries so far.

The introduction to this sound methodology became a minimal viable demonstration thanks to Michael Ben-Shabat, a partner and BI expert (a veteran of ECI Telecom and Orbotech). Michael, who is specialized in Big Data, CRM and Risk Management solutions, led the transformation of Danny's methodology into a decision tree algorithm (Software as a Service) assisting SME stakeholders to be on top of their marketing.

Why we do what we do?

"Our manifesto is to help create a better SME world where its stakeholders can easily develop their businesses by themselves or by a third-party of their choice, instead of being led by online giants."

To whom is marketingPlanNOW adapting itself?

The designed process is adapted to align between the type of SME and type of user of this tool, as follows:

Type of SME: The size of the business in question, starting from micro (sole proprietor), onwards to small and medium-sized entities. It's also adapted to those who sell directly to end users (Business to Customer; or simply B2C), and to those that transact with other businesses (B2B).

Type of user: The level of guidance, whether you are an advanced marketer or a non-marketer. The content is adapted to your learning style based on your tendency to prefer humanities (tendency of being more creative, intuitive and emotional), or sciences (tendency of being more analytical, logical and rational).

Our solution defends an approach…                                                             

For a non-marketer:

"It is what you learn-by-doing

 that counts."

For an advanced marketer:

"It is what you learn after you know it all 

 that counts."   

Our mission, your validation

If you do not represent any of our SME clients that were already assisted by this methodology, nor a business student that was guided in how to complete a marketing plan for an existing SME, try out the marketingPlanNOW minimal viable version – it starts here.