Less self-employed individuals and small & medium-sized businesses to fail marketing

If you think about it, life makes everyone a manager, marketer and consultant.
We manage our time, friends, and money; we market ourselves in dating and during our careers. We consult others in fields that we are particularly knowledgeable about.

If most people have personal experience in managing, marketing and consulting, why do so many self-employed individuals, small and medium-sized businesses fail?

"Our manifesto is to help create a better SME world where its stakeholders can easily develop their businesses by themselves or by a third-party of their choice, instead of being led by online giants."

Benjamin Franklin once said: "If you fail to plan, plan to fail." Read more.

If you fail to plan, plan to fail - If you plan to use marketingPlanNOW, plan to succeed (30 seconds).
"We are taking it to the next move of making it real by a minimal viable product. Trying to go through a first experiment to see in the field how small and medium businesses act with it (75 seconds).

This is a story about creating a standard in a discipline that is known for lacking standards – welcome to marketing management. Welcome to a minimal viable version that demonstrates marketing automation as at its end you get a fact sheet for a small or micro business of your choice.

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