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digital marketing
Digital marketing is known by various terms: internet marketing, eMarketing, online marketing, web marketing, and new media marketing. Digital marketing involves planning, executing and controlling promotional activities through various host options, including portals, websites, mini-sites, applications "such as ##9.511##" and others. Digital marketing includes mobile devices: smartphones, tablets, and others.

digital resources
Refers to the quantity (for example, number of individual users of a website), quality (for example, authenticity of a social network page), and interactivity of ##1.27## websites, referring sites and social network pages. Special attention is given to owned digital channels, such as a website, app, point of sale system, and client relationship marketing (CRM) system. Cybersecurity could be referred to as a digital resource, especially if such security is higher than common industry practice). Digital resources are part of marketing resources (also called "internet presence" or "web presence").

Direct marketing
A variety of initiatives that allow a ##1.21## ##1.22## to communicate with, sell directly to, and develop relationships with its existing and prospective target audiences. Such initiatives can be achieved by technological means, such as eMail, messenger, app (push notifications), SMS and MMS, or with more traditional practices, such as a face-to-face meetings, direct selling, door-to-door sales, phone (call center or telemarketing), or a posted letter (mailing). Most of these tools are part of what's called "face-to-face (F2F) channels".
Direct marketing is also referred to as "database marketing" (DMB) because it consists of activities that are often client database driven. DBM can be powered by client relationship marketing (CRM) software.
When a B2B ##1.21## ##1.22## has relied so far solely on intermediaries for its distribution and wants to reach the end users directly, this is called "direct to client" (D2C).
The main advantages of direct marketing is that it helps support client retention at a relatively low cost, and that tracking (see marketing ROI) is relatively straightforward. The main disadvantage is in its legal vulnerability, which changes depending on the local legal framework (see General Data Protection Regulations).
The main difference between direct and indirect marketing is that direct marketing is about contacting clients, while indirect is about contracting client outreach efforts to intermediary parties.

Elevator Pitch
Two to three sentences that clearly and concisely define [3.01/3.02] [1.27], what it offers, its solutions and its added value, in a way that attracts people's interest and motivates them to seek more information about it. The term "elevator pitch" reflects the idea of delivering a concise description to another person that can be given in the short amount of time you spend on an elevator ride.

General Data Protection Regulations
GDPR is a European Union (EU) regulation that came to harmonize data privacy and security laws across European Union companies wherever they operate in the world. These laws also apply to SMEs that collect, use or share consumer data, whether the information was obtained online or offline. Clients have the right to ask for access to the personal data that the ##1.21## ##1.22## has about them by filing a "data subject access request". The ##1.21## ##1.22## has to fulfill such requests within a month. Furthermore, clients have the right to have this personal data deleted – this is known as "the right to be forgotten". Since its launch in 2018, GDPR has been adopted by many firms outside of the EU, which has provided people with more control over their personal data.

high-expectation client (HXC)
A distinguishing category of clients that can be of assistance to the management. Such a client can serve as a guest of the ##0.3## marketing committee, play a role as a mystery shopper or contribute to research and development (R&D) efforts. High-expectation client is often abbreviated as "HXC".

indirect marketing
Commercial initiatives made indirectly between a ##1.21## ##1.22## and its ##57.1## ##57.2## ##57.3## or ##57.4## ##57.5## through involving a paid "third" party. Referred to as B2B marketing, it consists of activities that rely on intermediaries who are likely contracted to sell to end users. This is not to be confused with tasks that are outsourced to a service provider or are being handled by a contractor or subcontractor that does not serve as a sales intermediary.
The main advantages of indirect marketing are that it reaches a larger span of clients and it is rather straightforward to track its marketing ROI. The main disadvantage of indirect marketing is the loss of direct contact with the end user (the real clients) and an increased dependency on intermediaries.

intellectual property
Any proof of rights of ##1## that can be legally protected under the format of a patent, trademark™, service mark (SM), copyright © or other known commercial elements. For ##0.3##s, such intellectual property (also known as IP) often represents an important ##1.21## ##1.22## resource.

internal clients
##2.992## who rely on the quality of output of other ##2.992## from the same firm to accomplish their own functions.

introductory level
A simple, layman, and practical approach to digital marketing.

landing pages
A landing page is a webpage which appears when a visitor clicks on a search engine result or an online advertisement. This page can be a filled-in form that collects client contact information (called a "squeeze page") or any selected page within a site, such as a homepage. Landing pages are part of what is called search engine marketing or SEM (also called "lead capture page").

left-brain person
People who tend to be more analytical, logical and rational, in comparison to those who seem to be more creative, intuitive and emotional (the right-brained people). Every person constantly uses both brain hemispheres. However, if you rely more on your left hemisphere, there are a myriad of effects. For example, at work, it is likely that such "a" ##2.15a## prefers sciences (calculating values), rather than humanities (studying behavior). In education, many left-brained individuals may pursue degrees in STEM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics)

In economics, a market represents a network where the offer (sellers) and demand (buyers) meet to conclude transactions. Influenced by traditional commerce, the term marketplace focuses on the physical location where the offer meets demand,  and metals are traded.
different notions:
1 – The geographical location where a ##1.27## operates, especially if it includes more than one country: "already operating in international markets, this ##0.3## is expanding towards a new market, such as Australia."
2 – The name of the business category that the ##1.27## is classified in, which is also called the "economic sector of activity" or industry: "this ##0.3##, the local leader in the optical services market has declared an entry into the sunglasses market."
In terms of market classification systems, the International Standard Industrial Classification (ISIC) is the system used in most counties, while the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) is used in North America.

market share
A percentage that represents the proportional output of a ##1.21## ##1.22## (##8## sales, number of units sold or other), in comparison to other competitive players in the market. For most [0.3]s, the indication of a market share is not very relevant. First, in the era of eCommerce and mobile commerce, it is impossible to track all the data from transactions within a market-sector of economic activity. Second, even if such data can be estimated or purchased, it can hardly support management decisions. Market share is required and used mainly by larger corporations, especially in regulated markets where transactions have to be legally monitored by government: financial, pharmaceutical, energy, chemical and a few others.

In this ##0.3## development plan, "marketing" is referred to as the overall promotional and sales activities that a ##0.3## conducts in order to manage (plan, execute and control) its commercial offer. Based on the root A | C | E | R | T, marketing is largely about how to CATER to needs while rarely intending to CREATe needs. To do so, a marketer must know how to REACT in the market after being able to TRACE the strengths of an offer.
The study of marketing is part of a behavioral science that seeks to understand why and how people buy products and services or even buy into experiences and ideologies. As a subtle example, why does it seem that the car drives better just after driving away from a carwash service?

marketing committee
A dedicated group of individuals within a ##1.21## ##1.22## that share a common objective of supporting marketing management, which includes planning objectives, executing actions and controlling standards. Such a committee is more challenging when its members represent diversity and that is why occasionally it is recommended to invite a guest, such as a high-expectation client (HXC).

Marketing plan
A working marketing plan is an ongoing, rolling, practical tool intended to generally support business development, with a particular focus on sales and profitability. The more a ##0.3## is \"on the move\", the more marketing projects there are to manage, which makes it even more important to have a marketing plan. Its output is a working document - or slides - that simply present core information. And each time that selected data needs to be backed up, a supportive annex is required. For a one-page marketing plan template.

Marketing Plan Collection

marketing strategy
A marketing state of mind of a ##1.21## ##1.22## that clearly favors decisions made to pursue the best shortcut path, which helps the ##1.21## ##1.22## achieve business development. The "optimal" marketing strategy takes into account how to best manage marketing resources to ensure the lowest possible risk.
Finally, the marketing strategy should be in line with the overall corporate strategy. This marketing tool allows you to select the "right" marketing strategy for ##1##.

Medici effect
A phenomenon that refers back to the creative explosion in Florence, Italy (14th to 16th Centuries), when the Medici family brought together people from a variety of disciplines: poets, painters, sculptors, philosophers, architects and scientists. The synergies between those people resulted in new ideas that served as the grounds for the Renaissance era, one of the most inventive periods in history.

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    [1.21] => company
    [2.7] => more than 500
    [2.981] => peer
    [logo] => 57
    [photo] => 58
    [7.3] => no
    [9.15] => it generates some leads.
    [9.22] => no
    [5.5] => making decisions
    [10.1] => at a non-marketer level
    [2.3] => from 5 to 9
    [2.951] => employee
    [2.952] => employees
    [1.275] => private organization
    [2.19] => I have an interest in learning about meaningful marketing to SMEs from a 	 practitioner point of view (learning by doing). 	 For example, as professional development, educator, student or someone 	 acquiring general knowledge in that subject.
    [2.2] => from 2 to 4
    [2.961] => colleague
    [2.991] => colleague
    [1.272] => store
    [7.2] => yes
    [8.11] => Basic
    [6.4] => yes
    [7.14] => is satisfactory and consistent
    [9.12] => no
    [9.14] => it functions as the primary source of sales.
    [9.21] => yes
    [9.401] => yes
    [2.112] => co-owner (partner, stakeholder)
    [2.151] => sales & marketing (including customer service and communication)
    [2.143] => freelance, digital nomad
    [2.81] => you tend to believe that you are a very good manager
    [2.93] => yes
    [5.1] => planning
    [0.41] => attachment
    [2.5] => from 20 to 99
    [8.3] => 4 to 10 products services
    [0.1] => SME (Small or Micro-size Enterprise)
    [0.44] => appendix
    [2.04] => yes
    [2.972] => teammates
    [1.280] => clinic
    [6.7] => other companies (B2B)
    [7.02] => a specific area within United States
    [3.52] => percentage breakdown (with no nominal sales)
    [1.82] => one-woman-show
    [2.1] => I am the sole proprietor
    [2.962] => colleagues
    [services:::6.2] => services
    [6.2] => services
    [6.12] => service
    [8.2] => 2 to 3 products services
    [3.01] => your
    [3.02] => the
    [1.279] => dealership
    [1.25] => yes
    [8.12] => Value
    [7.03] => Israel as a whole
    [7.022] => a larger area beyond the close vicinity of STAR
    [7.15] => could be improved
    [9.16] => it serves solely to provide company business information.
    [2.152] => accounting & finance (including purchasing)
    [2.142] => service provider
    [2.83] => you could improve the way that you manage
    [1.91] => yes
    [1.94] => no
    [5.2] => executing
    [5.6] => taking actions
    [1.23] => yes
    [1.83] => one-human-show
    [7.031] => yes
    [7.021] => approximately a few kilometers of Yankel & Sons
    [3.53] => Option 3 - tendency: high, low, in-between (called a "shoulder" month) or no activity month
    [9.111] => at an introductory level
    [9.331] => f
    [9.52] => no
    [2.191] => you relate it to your professional development
    [5.81] => yes
    [0.2] => SMB (Small or Micro-size Business)
    [0.3] => SMB
    [1.22] => business
    [1.9] => Yankel
    [2] => Doodle
    [1] => Yankel & Sons
    [1.7] =>
    [7.1] => Hungary
    [0.42] => reference
    [1.24] => not yet
    [2.6] => from 100 to 499
    [1.81] => one-man-show
    [2.05] => no
    [2.61] => 300
    [2.611] => 5
    [2.91] => 499
    [2.92] => 499
    [2.982] => peers
    [2.992] => peers
    [products:::6.1] => products
    [6.1] => products
    [6.11] => product
    [8.4] => more than 10 products services
    [ToolsNow2] => 0
    [1.278] => agency
    [1.27] => agency
    [1.26] => no
    [8.13] => Premium
    [6.6] => end users (B2C)
    [7.04] => international markets
    [7.032] => no
    [7.023] => none of the above
    [3.51] => Option 1 - total sales (nominal sales)
    [4.35] => yes
    [4.46] => no, not a close person
    [4.47] => close person
    [4.48] =>
    [9.011] => high quality
    [9.012] => int
    [6.5] => no
    [7.16] => must be improved!
    [9.112] => at an advanced level
    [9.113] => 7
    [10.24] => no
    [9.11] => yes
    [9.131] =>
    [9.132] =>
    [9.17] => it is currently under development.
    [9.20] => no
    [9.82] => no
    [9.31] => yes
    [9.332] => tiktok
    [9.394] => opinion leader
    [9.392] => opinion leader
    [9.402] => no
    [9.40] => We are present in two networks
    [9.51] => yes
    [9.511] => YankelD
    [9.55] => this app generates some leads.
    [9.41] => yes
    [2.111] => owner
    [2.15a] => ownerco-owner (partner, stakeholder)owner
    [2.154] => ICT (information & communication technologies)
    [2.141] => consultant, advisor, mentor, coach
    [2.18] => consultant, advisor, mentor, coachservice providerfreelance, digital nomadconsultant
    [2.193] => you learn (collect) business knowledge
    [2.14] => learn
    [2.20] => working student
    [2.84] => you must improve the way that you manage
    [1.92] => no
    [4.31] => yes
    [1.93] => yes
    [2.94] => not yet
    [10.3] => 0
    [5.3] => controlling
    [5.4] => thinking critically
    [5.72] => 3
    [5.73] => 8
    [5.74] => 3
    [5.75] => 1
    [4.45] => let's contact a close person.
    [4.37] => close person
    [4.38] =>
    [2.03] => people
    [5.711] => 4
    [5.712] => 7
    [5.82] => no
    [10.2] => at an advanced marketing level
    [10.22] => no
    [] => pro support >
    [4] => offering short-term solutions
    [9] => user-friendly approach
    [9.01] => experience
    [9.02] => wow service
    [4.2] => be the leading choice for ski vacations
    [7.5] => transparency, family ethics
    [4.33] => John
    [4.34] => Consult
    [2.15] => I am directly involved within a SME.  	 For example, I have an ownership, managerial, business development, sales or              marketing responsibility, within a SME.
    [3.2] => May
    [3.3] => 2024