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Is your personal network that assists you by collecting data and obtain non-biased, first hand, trustworthy consulting from two sources: in-company and out-of-company. This network was adapted to any [0.3] employing up to 20 [2.992] and is activated by the introduction of at least two relevant networking "members". An out-of-company "member" could be a "representative client", supplier, business consultant, expert that was involved within [1] in the past "three years" or a close person; a friend or family member who is not involved in the day-to-day of the [1.27], but is acknowledgeable of it. In-company "members" of this support network could be an [2.991], a salesperson, an accountant, an when relevant a partner.

no activity
For a seasonal ##1.21## ##1.22##, this is a period of time in the yearly calendar when there is no commercial activity. During such off-season times, costs must be as low as possible. Furthermore, this is an opportunity to re-plan for the upcoming season and upgrade existing resources. As an example, it might be the best time to consider refurbishment

non-marketer level
An introductory layman and practical approach.