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online advertising
Purchasing space or time online to deliver a specific promotional message to a selected group of target audiences. This often has a goal of enhancing user responses, such as a click. This includes online sponsorship. Most online advertising budgets in leading economies are channeled to media, such as Search Engine Advertising (which is a part of search engine marketing), digital billboards, and smaller screens on the streets and at the points of sale (which is a part of street advertising, and more specifically called "Digital Out Of Home" or simply DOOH) - see signage.
For the more digitally advanced, there are other operational ways of maximizing advertising investments online, such as using an ad server or bid management tools.
An important characteristic of online versus offline initiatives is the ability to track marketing ROI. When the advertorial promise is focused on value (you get more for the same price or a discounted price for the same [6.1/6.2/6.3]) and is limited in time, it can be referred to as sale promotions, rather than "advertising".

own website
Online content under a domain name that is directly or indirectly registered, administered and controlled by ##1##.