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In this ##0.3## development plan, "marketing" is referred to as the overall promotional and sales activities that a ##0.3## conducts in order to manage (plan, execute and control) its commercial offer. Based on the root A | C | E | R | T, marketing is largely about how to CATER to needs while rarely intending to CREATe needs. To do so, a marketer must know how to REACT in the market after being able to TRACE the strengths of an offer.
The study of marketing is part of a behavioral science that seeks to understand why and how people buy products and services or even buy into experiences and ideologies. As a subtle example, why does it seem that the car drives better just after driving away from a carwash service?

marketing committee
A dedicated group of individuals within a ##1.21## ##1.22## that share a common objective of supporting marketing management, which includes planning objectives, executing actions and controlling standards. Such a committee is more challenging when its members represent diversity and that is why occasionally it is recommended to invite a guest, such as a high-expectation client (HXC).

Marketing plan
A working marketing plan is an ongoing, rolling, practical tool intended to generally support business development, with a particular focus on sales and profitability. The more a ##0.3## is \"on the move\", the more marketing projects there are to manage, which makes it even more important to have a marketing plan. Its output is a working document - or slides - that simply present core information. And each time that selected data needs to be backed up, a supportive annex is required. For a one-page marketing plan template.