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An esteemed, branded ##6.11## ##6.12## that often responds to a client's emotional need, such as compensation or recognition. Premium products are often backed by a high quality of service, brand awareness and relatively higher prices. Such a ##6.11## ##6.12##is often perceived as one that has significant added value ("I am an authorized AppleTM dealer")."

private organization
Any private or semi-private body that runs an economic activity that serves the public's interest, and therefore, according to the local tax laws is treated as a for-profit entity. Mainly healthcare services, educational institutions and cultural organizations.

Professional briefs
A ready-to-send document sent to relevant marketing promotion service providers (such as an advertising agency, public relations agency and sale promotions agency) after they have been selected to work for a [1.21/1.22], but before they have started their work. The ideal process of working with third-party marketing service providers is as follows:<br>
- Request for Proposal (RFP)<br>
- professional brief<br>
- Service-level Agreement (SLA)<br>