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confidentiality agreement
A Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) that legally forbids revealing any content of your marketing plan to another party.

conversion rate
In foreign exchange, a conversion rate is the ratio between two currencies. In digital marketing it is to do with "unique" users of a website or an app that respond to a desired call-to-action (CTA) that can be digitally tracked. The nature of the online "action" is monitory (based on sales funnel metrics) or non-monitory, such as subscribing to a newsletter, clicking on a banner, downloading content or filling in a survey. The rate between all "unique" users and those who have completed a desired action during a set period of time is measured as a percentage. If 1000 "unique" users are traced in [3.01/3.02] website within a month and 30 of them have clicked on a banner that was pre-defined as a desired action, the conversion rate is 30 divided by 1000, thus 3%.

corporate values
< A corporate social responsibility and DEI - diversity, equality, inclusion demonstrate examples of values, beliefs and social impact goals of its founders and managers. Fostering core family values is a great example of a corporate value.")
Many view a management's dedication to upholding these corporate values as a marker of authenticity.
To challenge the authenticity of social values-related activities, the approach of Woke Marketing has emerged Clear values are required to improve the way [2.992] function within a [0.3], such as [1]. Examples of such values (also called "core values" or "code of conduct") are: "Quality, Safety and Environmental Care" (Volvo, a small Swedish [1.21/1.22] in 1927), "Our employee is our #1 stakeholder" (The Container Store, a small Texan [1.21/1.22] in 1978), or "We stand behind the quality of our [8.11/8.12/8.13] [6.1/6.2/6.3]" (a promising [0.3] "funded in [3.4] ")!

corporate vision
A brief, one or two sentence description of the abstract aspirations of the ##1.27##, without using dates or numbers, on where it is ideally heading in the long run. A more effective vision defines ultimate success and can inspire ##2.992## (this is also called the "vision statement" or the "raison d'être" of the ##1.21## ##1.22##).